5 of The Biggest Mistakes of the Obama Administration, You Won’t BELIEVE #4.

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Barack Obama: America’s 44th President: Considering the fact that the United States elected 43 prior Presidents, you would think that after 230 years that maybe, possibly, it would finally get the 43rd President right. But naturally, it didn’t. These are Barack Obamas 5 Biggest Mistakes:

1. Allowing Syrian Muslims to live on American Soil:

One of the many mistakes of Barack Obama is his bleeding heart toward Syrian terrorist fleeing the freedom bombs of Vladimir Putin’s liberating jet planes. As Vladimir Putin chooses to nip the Syrian issue in the bud by actively using decisive military action. Barack Obama simply chooses to give his extremist Muslim brothers a home on American soil. The Terrorist can be your neighbor your taxi driver or the clerk at your local convenience store, and Barack Obama simply protects them under the guise of “Refugees”. Mr. Obama that is no way to make America great again.

 2. Barack Obama never said God enough:

As if the blood curling indications don’t already point to the fact that indeed Barack Obama was and currently is a card carrying Muslim. His use, or lack thereof, of the holiest of holiest, our lord and savior Jesus Christ name was barely uttered throughout his campaign and administration. In one situation when those strong and brave members of seal team six found and killed king al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden not only did he not give credit to our lord and savior Jesus Christ, but he barely gave credit to the seal team itself. It just goes to show how readily he takes credit for the accomplishments of others while subtly praising Allah at the same time.

3. Barack Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal:

Another shocking display of Barack Obama’s lack of an ability to make a good deal is his approach to the Iran Nuclear Deal. Not only did he coax the ignorant and always gullible lefty American public into backing his plan, but he also got our other United Nations allies on board! The deal itself gave Iran hard earned American tax dollars somewhere to the tune of a few billion dollars! Hard earned American dollars that could have been used for things such as ammo for American soldiers or for the great Dick Cheney’s medical bills. These billions of dollars were basically in exchange for Iran postponing its new weapon capabilities just for a few years?! I mean I think the Great Donald Trump was right when he called Barack Obama a “bad (or sick) guy” when he just gave away hard earned American dollars to his extremist Muslim cousins in order to kill more Americans.

4. His Dad Jeans:

Need no explaination.


5. Barack Obama and Syria:

Last but not least I give you Barack Obama’s relationship with Syria. Barack Obama was never a Syrian hardliner by any means. Probably because the thought of hurting fellow Muslims makes him shake in his overworn dad jeans. Meanwhile, our beautiful and strong brother Vladimir Putin had to wear the pants and bomb Syria to kingdom come in order to get Obama up off his fat ass to finally do something about those terrorists running-a-muck. I mean jeez Obama how many beautiful white Americans do Muslim extremist have to kill in order for you to finally take action! But you know what they say: when an American dies Obama plays golf but when a Muslim dies it brings him to tears.


Article By John Andrews


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