48% of Muslims Say They Support ISIS



A recent UK survey study concluded that 48% of Muslims support some of the ideas of ISIS, proving furthermore, that extreme vetting is necessary to keep Muslims out of the US and to protect the young nation from this evil, awful and freedom-hating ideology.

Many LIBERAL media outlets will have you believe Western Muslims are entirely different to their ‘ISIS’ counterparts, however, this recent survey proves otherwise. I am happy that we now have Donald Trump to implement these policies, rather than Crooked Hilary who would have destroyed our beautiful nation by opening the borders to anyone.

Even more shockingly, 76% of Muslims believe that sharia law should be implemented within the states. The system which punishes women for being raped and somehow the liberal snowflakes think we live in rape culture. Even though it is Islam that promotes rape culture, especially in places like Sweden the Liberals try to push their narrative that Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance, whereas Christianity is the religion of hate. How wrong they really are.

All this new evidence proves our point that there should be more extreme vetting and the Muslims who believe this crap should be sent back to their own hell holes of dictatorship and ruin that their awful ideology has caused!

Article By: Matthew Drago

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