Carter Page Maybe Aware of White House Leaks

Source: Reuters




During the last few days Trump’s former campaign adviser, Carter Page, has been under heavy scrutiny for his alleged connections to Russian Operatives. A FISA warrant issued circa 2016 to investigate the Trump associate claims that he was consistently in contact with Russian operatives before and after the Trump’s Campaign.

From an interview with Carter Page to Fox News he says that he welcomes all FBI investigations and that he anxiously waits for the “all the lies” about him to “come out in the open”.

During the interview, Carter Page tells the O’Reilly Factor that all the contacts he made with the Russian were both coincidental and innocuous. That he’s connection with Russian diplomats and operatives are due to his position as head of a bank in Moscow.

Carter believes that the allegations are a tactic used by the democrats to delegitimization the Trump administration. Carter said his Ph.D. dissertation was focused on weaponizing information for political gain and therefore he was an expert on the issue.

Video of Carter Page on O’Reilly Factor

The video that aired on Fox News have some wondering about Carter’s strange behavior during an interview. Some experts claim that he is either hiding something or has knowledge of who possibly asked the FISA courts about obtaining the warrant on him. Susan Rice is speculated to have given the order.

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