Cincinnati Night Club Shooting: 14 injured and 1 killed, possible terrorist motives.

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One person was killed and at least 14 others injured in a nightclub shooting early Sunday morning in Cincinnati.

Several of the shooting victims are undergoing surgery, Cincinnati Police Sgt. Eric Franz told CNN. Police do not have any suspects in custody but are interviewing witnesses.

Franz initially said “multiple shooters” were involved.
Cincinnati Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate later said there was “only one reported shooter.”While the motive is unclear, there’s no reason to suspect terrorism at this point, he said.

Gov. John Kasich called the shooting “another terrible tragedy in our country” and offered state assistance the city.

“It appears to be one shooter, not terrorism related,” Kasich told CNN. “As the father of two 17-year-old girls headed to college next year, you see things like this and you begin to wonder where it is safe to go.”

Franz said four off-duty officers were working parking lot security at the time of the shooting, two of whom were at the front door and heard the shots.

Those officers attempted to give first aid to the victim who eventually died, Franz said

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Although not entirely clear it would be unreasonable to rule out the possibility of the terrorist motives behind last night’s attack.


By: John Andrews




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