Details Emerge About Ex-NFL Player Aaron Hernandez’s Death

source: AP



The more details come out about the apparent suicide of NFL football star Aaron Hernandez the more peculiar the issue becomes. According to the guards who found a dead Aaron Hernandez‘s body, “John 3:16” was written across his forehead.

Source: Boston globe & Getty images

Another Fact is that Aaron Hernandez’s suicide could get his 4 year-old daughter paid a $15 Million the Patriots contract. Due to the State Massachusetts laws which say if the defendant dies during an appeal of a conviction, automatically the original conviction becomes null and void. Which means Hernandez never violated the New England Patriots contact. This would mean Hernandez’s 4-year-old daughter would be entitled to the remainder of the $15 million the Patriots promised him if he dies a day after he signed his original contract.

There is also the issue of Aaron Hernandez’s Brain. Hernandez’s Medical Examiner is holding on to Aaron Hernandez’s Brain in order to investigate whether or not he shows symptoms of CTE. CTE is a disorder which comes from scaring of the brain associated with injuries sustained in football. The Medical Examiner is holding the organ against the will of the NFL and Family.

The Legal issue of Hernandez’s death is a hotly debated issue amongst those who knew Aaron Closely. Some of his old teammates spoke out saying that Aaron is a happy guy who would not ever contemplate suicide.

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