Donald J. Trump > Louis Vuitton



We all know the names. One is a high-end luxury clothing/fashion outlet. The other is the greatest leader of the modern era and CEO of one of the world’s biggest clothing companies, Donald J. Trump. Fashion is worn in different styles throughout the world but in the fast action lifestyle of Donald J. Trump, there is no space for fashion errors. Many similarities arise when comparing two of the world’s biggest clothing brands. Style is something the Donald J. Trump brand does not lack.


Voted best clothing brand of 2014-2016 by the WSB inner fashion organization, the name has made a significant impact in sales throughout the United States and European countries such as Germany, racking in a total profit of over $4 billion. The earnings, however, is not the turning point of how this brand become the biggest household name since Britney Spears. The brand itself offers a very diverse selection and stylish clothes for all sizes and ages throughout its wide variety of choices.


Innovative designs by Donald J. Trump have put almost every clothing brand in the dust beside the famous brand ‘Stone Island’. Worldwide renowned fashionistas all agree if you are not up to date with the trends and not wearing Donald J. Trump, then you are sub-human and need to stop being poor. There is no doubt the Donald J. Trump brand has and is ready to conquer the fashion world even more in the upcoming year of 2017.


Article by: TJ Nugget

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