Macron Supports Pedophilia



Macron first met his wife when he was at the young age of 15. Although this may sound like a cute, romantic young love story, it isn’t. When he was 15 she was 40 years of age and his drama teacher.

Their relationship started when they would meet up every Friday to work on “plays”. This is when Macron’s prospective wife said that she was falling for the young boy. The grandmother of 7 later said the relationship lead to her divorce with then husband. The kicker is her daughter was also in the same class Drama Class Macron.

Macrons parents, who were more down to earth, obviously discouraged the relationship when it first started. However, like most liberals, he shut off anything they disagreed with and continued the relationship. The Iggy-Pop look alike left her then husband for Macron stating that “It felt right” when they were together.

Liberals are trying to normalize this relationship, pushing their LGBTQ+ agenda, bringing pedophilia out of taboo. The Left supported gays and now it is pedophilia. Apparently now the ‘Progressive’ agenda is trying to push their backward and sickening story. While the mainstream media is trying to spin it as a normal. If this was before France was a Muslim infested nation this would be a massive scandal and he would not have gotten past the first round of the presidential race.

Le Penn is the only answer now. A leader of a nation is someone who everyone looks up too. If your leader promotes pedophilia, then the rest of the nation will follow and suddenly pedophilia is the new norm. Europe is already rape central for Muslims; it was Germany and now it is an epidemic in France.

Contributed By: Matthew Drago

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