North Korea Threatens Trump With a Nuclear Strike

Source: Reuters



Do you hear the jets overhead?

North Korea says that if the US is “reckless” enough to use military means than it would mean the US and North Korea will be in “a state of all-out war”.

NK former ambassador says that there sole purpose of its nuclear weapons are merely for protection. And they will continue to conduct nuclear tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

NK former Ambassador also said speaking directly to Donald Trump that if the US encroaches on their sovereignty then it will provoke an immediate counter-reaction.

The ambassador also notes that if the US attacks first it will react with a preemptive nuclear strike of their own style and method.

Our source at the BBC news managed to ask the North Korean Ambassador whether or not it would be better suited to simply use its resources toward feeding and providing even the most basic means for its people also perhaps closing it political prison camps, which are notorious for imprisoning families for numerous generations for even the most menial offenses.

The ambassador responded by saying that North Korea does not tolerate any criticism of its brand of socialism.  Also that the claims about the prison camps are propaganda sent by their enemies in order to demonize its government.

The NK ambassador also mentions that It doesn’t have the sort of shooting sprees seen in other countries. An obvious nod to the US and EU during the tumultuous last few years.

At New Right, we pride ourselves on our honesty and candor. Which brings us to our conclusion: Be Safe, be careful, prepare for the worst and good luck. We haven’t seen a threat this serious since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Good Speed. Those jets flying over your head is not a coincidence.

-John Andrews, Editor And Chief

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