Opinion: PBS Is Partly Responsible For The ‘SJWs’ That We See Today

Source: AV Club




During his time in the KGB, Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov carried out ideological subversion. This was a process that was used to break a nation from within. The first stage of ideological subversion involves introducing Marxist ideas into the minds of a generation. This step done through education and would take 10-15 years, this being the number of years it would take to educate a generation. This explains the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The brainwashed generation are effectively pawns who would later occupy positions in Politics, Business, Art and The Media. 

A new round of ideological subversion began targeting millennials using PBS as a propaganda machine. PBS – through its cartoons particularly Sesame Street – slowly but effectively indoctrinated Millennials into the Marxist agenda. There have been reports of subtle messages that leads impressionable young minds into believing that they were assigned the wrong gender at birth, sound familiar? PBS has been bankrolled by the Federal Government and Corporations all who are arms of the Globalists.

But why go through this?
To get useful idiots as foot soldiers. The SJWs that we see in campuses and in the media are merely just foot soldiers who will be of no use once the globalists achieve their ultimate goal.

Luckily, President Trump and his supporters on social media were able to ‘red-pill’ many Millennials out of their brainwashing and the process of ‘Draining The Swamp’ involves pulling funding from PBS.

However it is not the time to celebrate yet, organizations such as ShareBlue have been targeting Generation Z. ShareBlue is funded by the same, old Hungarian globalists. They are targeted online through forums like Reddit where they promote articles on left-wing articles and censor conservatives.

I leave you with a warning from Yuri Bezmenov, predicting all that we see today. End

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