Reports say Islam Will be the Majority in the USA by 2030, The reason behind it will SHOCK YOU.



Currently 6% of ‘Americans’ follow Islam, however, at the current rate, they are reproducing at an alarming 2% more a year than American Christians. Using the projected figures, we can easily see Islam being at 52% of the nation in 2030. To make things even worse, 2070 the figures are projected to be 70% of the US.

This is because Christians, on average are having fewer kids, as there is a drawback in jobs in our economy. However, with the free handouts given to the Muslims under Barack Obama, there are HUGE incentives for the Muslim population to increase, hurting the hard working people of our nation as their job prospects slowly erode away. With the current figures, this is clearly a part of the Islamic plan to take over the Western Nations. Eventually becoming to be the majority religion majority religion and instilling their ‘values’ on to us American Citizens.

All we can do is pray that Donald Trump will do something about this in the next 8 years. Through his legislation and common sense policies, we hope this report is only wrong and we can continue on our road to Make America Great Again!

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