Science March in DC Ignores Major Issues




Earth Day has arrived and so has the March for Science — a global event on six continents (and cheered on by scientists on a seventh, Antarctica). Tens of thousands of people are expected to gather this morning on the grounds of the Washington Monument.


The last few months have seen a boom in scientists and those of scientific backgrounds engaging in both politics and political administration. Trump administration’s common sense approach to Global Warming warranted concern. Some of those on the right suggest that the rising tides are due to a natural increase in temperature due to the earth’s cycles. Very recently those in high government positions have spoken out against the instability caused by rising tides. Both Al Gore and James Matthias and other prominent political positions have acknowledged the rise of global instability due to decaying lands. However, due to corporate lobbying and alternative news, the causes of global warming have come increasingly under scrutiny. Those less qualified like alt-right news sites and 4chan persist in creating the narrative about Earth’s Natural heat phases, this “fact” has been persistently uttered to the point of becoming a truth.



The identity politics of the United States tends to split opinions on issues in half; with the media representing those who advocate for a healthy planet as vegan “lib-tards”. While those who agree with the right, tend to dismiss logic and avoid talking about the issue altogether. Now is the time to put aside petty differences and use all this great technology and data we have to enrich the earth and in term ourselves. This has never been an issue of right and left, it has been an issue of survival and leaving an Earth for our future offspring. Today I offer the Lib-tards and Cuntservatives to join the movement put aside petty politics and make the world a better place for ourselves and children lest we extinct not only an entire species but the earth itself.


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