The Secret I Learned While Starting my own Hedge Fund.



Soon after finishing my MBA at The University of Virginia Darden School of Business, I went to work at the hedge fund at Goldman Sachs as a Junior Analyst. It was different from what I had been taught in class by my professor, Carl Douglas, Ph.D., but after spending more than a decade at Goldman Sachs in front of Divy, here is the one secret that I learned:

Only JNUG and JDST matter.

upward graph PHOTO BY: M. Drago

These two ETFs were they only securities that we traded. We would buy the two in 51:49 ratio decided by the flip of a coin. We were able to achieve 45% CAGR. I employ this strategy at my hedge fund WSB Capital, LLP that I had started 3 years ago with my brother.


Article by: James D. Nuggen


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