Trump Attacks Syria Over Chemical Weapons




Your only ETHICAL, NON-BIASED Conservative Watch Dog is back. It’s The Dawg reporting in from The Dawghouse in Fort Worth, Texas. Sorry I didn’t write an article last week I was involved in a little ‘firearms accident’ but today I will write through the pain because Donald Trump just exposed his true colors by firing Tomahawk Missiles to a Syrian airbase

Let me quickly paraphrase my role model Alex Jones, “If Trump screws up we will drag him by the heels.” There were so many ways to respond to the Syrian attack of Christian children with Chemical Weapons other than firing missiles. My son and his internet friends say:  ‘You either die based, or you live long enough to see yourself become a cuck.’

During the campaign Trump constantly berated John McCain, McCain being the poster-boy for the mainstream, establishment, war mongering and globalist cesspool of the GOP.
I can’t type anymore my arm is hurting tune into the Dawghouse podcast on iTunes where I go into more detail.

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