Tomi Lahren Exposed

cropped-american-flag-circle.pngRight Wing WatchDog:

Your only ethical conservative watchdog is back, reporting in from Fort Worth, Texas, and this time we bring this FAKEservative into the Dawghouse.

Ever since we defeated the globalists on Nov. 8 we’ve had many shills joining the TrumpTrain, among them is Tomi Lahren. She used to work for TheBlaze using tight dresses and controversial opinions to draw attention to herself. Girls like her are the reason why I never went to college (also the NWO and the globalists have infiltrated our schools. For more on that check out the Dawghouse Podcast on iTunes )


Tomi Lahren calls herself conservative goes on TV and starts advocating abortion? If that’s a conservative then hell has frozen over. I tell you what, my sources are telling me that Tomi has allegedly been spotted at various Planned Parenthoods. We can’t let that she-devil influence our daughters.

Tomi Lahren has a reputation of allegedly ‘servicing’ male staff atTheBlaze allowing her to rise up the ladder. Tell me, is this woman really a conservative? I won’t be surprised if she spirit cooks along with Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff.

I don’t like writing, I’m more of a talking man, I’ll get into more detail on my podcast (The Dawghouse)

This has been The Dawg checking-in from Texas.

Article by: The Dawg

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