Trump Gallup Polls Back to 42% Approval

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According to Time Magazine: President Trump’s approval rating has bounced up to 42% according to a recent Gallup poll — a slight victory for the president whose numbers have been low during his first months in office.

Trump dropped to 42% eight days after taking office. His approval ratings have since dipped to numbers as low as 35% and have not gone above 45%, according to Gallup. On April 14, Trump stood at 39% on Gallup’s tracker.

Source: Gallup

According to Gallup, 52% of Americans disapprove of Trump.

To obtain its results, Gallup surveys about 1,500 Americans by phone each day, and has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

Trump’s ratings have been well below those of his predecessor, President Barack Obama. In April of 2009, Obama had Gallup poll points as low as 35%.

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