Trump Wins “War on Coal”


Trump signs executive order to win “the war on coal”. 

An issue that has plagued humanity for the last few years has finally come to fruition. Donald J Trump’s landmark achievement of signing an executive order to stop the liberal’s “war on coal”. Despite rising currents and landmark global climate agreements being signed. Donald curtails all hope of the leftist media winning the renewable energy fight. Which is a stroke strategic genius in terms of combating future American enemies. Some cities like Manhattan, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, and parts of Hawaii mostly known as liberal and immigrant sanctuaries would be wiped off the map! Along with possible enemies aboard like the cities of Sidney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Japan would lose a significant amount of land hence crippling their capacity to wage war on the US! 

Donald Trump has clearly proved that he can master the art of the deal and he luckily dealt the right wing republicans a winning deal in relation to any future campaigns by actively destroying the leftists capacity to live and all of future US adversaries. 

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