Valve Allegedly Succumbs To Chinese Pressure To Remove CS:GO Keys Over Money-Laundering Triads.


Video game company Valve Corp. has succumbed to pressure from the Chinese Government to remove “keys” from the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a game where players deal with a bomb threat from Muslim terrorists.

These keys are used as a currency within the video game. They can be used to purchase skins for in-game weapons. The market capitalization of these keys is reported to be near $684 million after “rare” Arab skin collectors entered the market.

gold knife

The keys were being used by members of the Triads to launder money between mainland China and the United States. In a statement released by possible Chinese government entities, they suspect a popular PP-Bizon “skin” collector being the American laundering the money to the Triads.

pp bizon

This has been met with outrage by members of the CS:GO community who claim that they will lose thousands of dollars in in-game currency. Allegedly, Valve has declined to comment further but a now deleted tweet from an employee suggests that players of the game will be treated to a special sale of weapon skins.


Article by: Chang Tzu

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