VPN Service Providers Plead with Public to Stop Corruption

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A recent full page article revealing fifty different senate republicans proves how much of a cesspool the government’s “swamp” truly is.

A group of V.P.N service providers recently pooled together funds in order to place a full-page ad in the New Your Times. This ad mostly all black and brandishes the words: “Hello World. These are the 50 senators who voted to monitor your internet activity for financial gain.” The list includes fifty different republican senators all from various states. Under the huge list are the ominously bold words: “Here is what will happen if this becomes law; your internet service provider will be able to… Monitor you, manipulate what you see, sell it all.” Each one of these lines had simple Pictionary-esque examples that allude to the most voyeuristic tendencies of Big Brother. 

This unsettling ad is a result of the deeply corruptible “swamp” Donald Trump spoke about during his Presidential Campaign. This legislation would essentially disintegrate any semblance of free choice. It would grant the ability for those in powerful positions to impose their own opinions on us and who we choose to support in detrimental ways. The abuse of law “H.J. Res 86” Would let our ISP sell our personal beliefs translated through Metadata to either the highest bidder or the political candidate who mostly conforms to their agenda. So I urge our readers to call your congressman and let he/she know how you feel about selling the future of your children piece by piece. A simple way to communicate with your congressman would be downloading the app “countable” entering your zip code and strategically use the information it provides. Unite, because this is an issue that affects everyone and not just democrats or republicans. 

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